Send Custom Autoresponder Emails

In today's fast-paced digital world, speed and automation are crucial to effective communication. That's where Nerdy Form's key feature, Autoresponder Emails, shines. This vital functionality is designed to streamline your interactions by triggering automatic emails when a form on your website is submitted.

Making Autoresponder Emails Personal

While automation is a necessary function for any business, it shouldn't come at the expense of personalization. Nerdy Form's Autoresponder Emails offer an exceptional level of customization, enabling you to curate the subject and content of these emails. With our platform, you can ensure every communication remains consistent with your brand's voice.

Autoresponder email customization

Placeholders in the email: A Touch of Customization

With the placeholder functionality embedded in our system, your auto-response emails can be tailored to each form respondent. The placeholders are replaced with relevant data entered into the form, allowing for a level of personalization that makes each response feel unique and targeted.

CC and BCC in the Autoresponder's Emails

CC - Carbon Copy:
The CC functionality facilitates the distribution of an email message's duplicate to more recipients listed in this section. Importantly, all the individuals who are part of the email, regardless of whether they are primary ("To" field) or secondary ("CC") recipients, can see all the others included and their email addresses. This is typically used when the aim is to keep certain individuals informed, even if they aren't the central recipients of the message.

BCC - Blind Carbon Copy:
BCC operates similarly to CC but with a distinct difference. While it too sends a duplicate of the message to the addresses specified, the recipients listed in the BCC field are not visible to any other recipient. This tool is useful when privacy is required for the recipients or when preventing a large list of recipients from viewing each other's email addresses is necessary.

Both CC and BCC are invaluable features for managing your email communications effectively and professionally.

Our Autoresponder Emails also support CC and BCC options, allowing you to stay updated on every interaction. With this feature, you can receive carbon copies and blind carbon copies of the auto-reply emails, thus staying informed and involved in the communication process.

CC and BCC for Autoresponder emails

Custom SMTP for Autoresponder

SMTP, standing for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is a set of guidelines employed by mail servers for the delivery and receipt of emails. In essence, SMTP functions similarly to a postal service, managing the process of moving letters (in this instance, emails) from one mailbox to another.

An SMTP server is the computer that enacts SMTP, and it's tasked with sending emails from a sender to one or several recipients. It uses a mechanism known as "store and forward" to ensure the message is delivered, even if the recipient's server isn't available when the message is sent.

SMTP servers also handle authentication to verify that the sender possesses the correct permissions to send emails. This is critical for preventing spam and unauthorized use of the email server.

It's vital to note that while SMTP is utilized for sending emails, it's usually not employed for receiving them. Other protocols like POP3 (Post Office Protocol 3) or IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) are generally used for receiving and managing the messages in the recipient's inbox.


In a bid to deliver a complete package for professional communication, Nerdy Form's Autoresponder Emails support the configuration of custom SMTP. This allows your own domain to be featured in the FROM and SENDER email headers, bolstering your brand's image and credibility.

Custom SMTP in the autoresponder

Personalized and Efficient Communication

In essence, Nerdy Form's Autoresponder Emails feature strives to do more than just automate your email responses. It aims to offer a system that allows for personalized, efficient responses that are consistent with your brand's image. It seeks to simplify your communication efforts while aiming to help create more engaging interactions with your respondents. At Nerdy Form, our goal is not just to help enhance your communication, but to support you in reimagining it.

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