Why Nerdy Form is secure?

At Nerdy Form, we prioritize the security and privacy of our users, which is why we have taken extensive measures to ensure that our form builder application is secure and reliable. By using our platform, you can have peace of mind knowing that your data is protected at every step of the way.

One of our key security measures is utilizing the HTTPS protocol for all form submissions. This encrypted connection guarantees that the data you transmit is safe from prying eyes, providing an additional layer of security to all communication between you and our platform.

To protect your account, we employ a modern hashing algorithm to encrypt all passwords stored in our database. This advanced technique safeguards your login credentials and keeps them secure even in the event of a data breach.

Our development team has implemented strict measures to prevent SQL injections. By escaping all database queries, we ensure that unauthorized access to your data is virtually impossible.

When it comes to processing payments, we have partnered with trusted third-party software to handle all transactions. This not only ensures the highest level of security, but it also means that we do not store any sensitive card information on our servers.

In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), our application has been designed to respect your privacy and adhere to all necessary requirements, giving you full control over your personal information.

To further enhance the security of our platform, we have integrated Google reCAPTCHA to protect your forms from spam bots. This advanced technology adds an extra layer of defense against automated attacks, helping to keep your data safe and secure.

We understand that your data is invaluable, which is why we have implemented daily backups to preserve it. These regular backups ensure that your data is always available and can be quickly restored in the event of any unexpected issues.

At Nerdy Form, we are committed to providing a secure and dependable form builder application that you can trust. With our robust security measures in place, you can confidently build and share forms knowing that your data is well-protected.